LocatED is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility and has a strategy that consists of three strands:


We have a responsibility to our clients, suppliers, neighbours and to the wider communities we serve. Key initiatives we run include;

  • Raising money for charity and distributing funds and non-financial support in consultation with the team, to complimentary areas linked to our work and other good causes in education;
  • Granting each member of the LocatED team with two days per year for volunteering work;
  • Building sustainable links with partners and the people we want to help;
  • Setting up a Young Persons’ Programme to provide internships and work experience at LocatED;
  • Introducing ‘guardian’ schemes in appropriate vacant properties in our asset management portfolio during their holding periods, to make affordable living space available to the rental market.


We prioritise the wellbeing of LocatED employees through:

  • A supportive, safe and vibrant environment;
  • Equal opportunities and real diversity;
  • A fair and competitive total value proposition;
  • A clear path of personal and professional growth;
  • Providing opportunity to make an impact and see that impact; and
  • Happy work/life balance and a true meritocracy.


We reduce our impact by cutting waste through office-based initiatives such as:

  • Recycling material waste and cutting material usage generally;
  • Energy efficient premises;
  • Sustainable travel plans and intelligent IT use to limit travel;
  • Electricity/energy saving practices;
  • Educating staff and promoting environmental initiatives in the work place.

Through the management of our asset portfolio, we are committed to:

  • Improving the efficiency of vacant sites where there is no immediate requirement for sites to be ‘active’;
  • Achieving a 100% statutory compliant estate;
  • Pro-actively managing third party suppliers, agents and partners to ensure adherence to agreed service levels and environmental policy.

We are committed to continue identifying and implementing enhanced strategies and initiatives that will drive efficiencies and lessen environmental impact going forwards.