Formally launching in 2017, LocatED is a new government-owned property company, responsible for buying and developing sites for new free schools in England.

With a £2bn budget, LocatED acquires land and buildings across the country. This will make it one of the largest purchasers of land in the UK.

Working directly with landowners, agents and developers across Britain, LocatED has individual acquisition budgets to spend on sites from 10,000 to 175,000 sq. ft. gross internal floor area.

LocatED operates at pace and negotiates complex deals with multiple partners across the private and public sector to get the best possible value for money for the taxpayer.

To achieve this, LocatED has a multidisciplinary team with specialist skills and extensive property sector experience.

Finding and securing sites for new schools is an essential public service. The LocatED team is proud to play its part in the delivery of new, world-class schools for future generations of children.

LocatED is developing a distinct way of working that is best suited to its aims. The company is committed to a high performance culture: innovative, dynamic and fast-paced.

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